Admission and Conditions

Admission requirements in Turkish Universities

Students who wish to undertake their undergraduate studies in Turkey must have completed their secondary education in a high school or a similar institution in which the education is equivalent to that of a Turkish high school. Secondly, they must take the Entrance Examination for Foreign Studenst (YÖS) which consists of two tests. The first is the “Basic Learning Skills Test” which assesses abstract reasoning. The questions have a minimal dependence on language but explanations are given in English and Turkish. The second test is the “Turkish Language Proficiency Test” which assesses the candidate’s comprehension of written Turkish. YÖS is usually taken in June. Foreign students who wish to pursue their graduate/post-graduate studies in Turkey can apply directly to universities.

Entry regulations: A foreign national needs a student visa and a valid passport.

Language requirements: Language courses are organized for those who do not speak Turkish. In some Turkish universities courses are taught in English, French or German.