Life in Turkey


Almost all campus universities have a variety of accommodation facilities. Apart from university dormitories, state owned dormitories serve for all students. Students should consult their universities for accommodation facilities. Another option, particularly in main cities, is that of rented accommodation, often shared with other students.


In all universities there are many alternatives of good quality food services for students at reasonable prices. Cafes and restaurants around the university are another option for eating out or you may prefer doing your own cooking.

Eating is a significant part of social life in Turkey. In addition to traditional Turkish cuisine, one can find different types of food such as fast-food, vegetarian. Turkish cuisine is worthy of experience with each regional specialties.


Public transportation is very convenient and provided by buses, minibuses (dolmus), and subways (only in major cities). Students have the right to a special discount for transportation both for intra-city and inter-city transportation.

One can use airway or railways to travel within Turkey, for more information refer to the web pages of:
Turkish Airlines:
Turkish Railways:


Universities in Turkey have some sort of medical centers in their campuses. However, international students are strongly advised to come to Turkey with a valid health insurance policy. In case of illness, international students may use health service but are required to pay for the services and are reimbursed by their insurance later. International students are responsible for costs of hospitalisation or for any medical service or treatment not available at university health center.

All hospitals have an emergency room that is open 24 hours a day. Physicians and pharmacies are on call nights and weekends.


All the Turkish Universities have libraries in their campuses. One can easily reach variety of sources like periodicals, electronic journals, audio-visual materials in most of the university libraries. However as the language of instruction is Turkish in many universities; books, library sources, references are in Turkish. There are a few university libraries such as METU (Middle East Technical University), Hacettepe University, Bilkent University in Ankara; and Bosphorus University, ITU (Istanbul Technical University) and Sabanci University in Istanbul whose books and materials are in English.

Computing Facilities

Whichever university you go in Turkey, you will surely find computer labs with internet connection for your service. All the universities give user codes and passwords for their degree students.

Social Life

Studying in Turkey is a great opportunity for a high quality education but there is more than that.

Turkey’s cities have many historical and cultural sites to visit. If you are interested in arts, there are many options such as going to theaters and cinemas, visiting exhibitions and enjoying festivals.

a. Student Clubs
You may consider joining a variety of clubs, student associations all of that can enrich your life in Turkey.

b. Sport Facilities

In Turkey, you can see all the characteristics of four climates, so there are various sports alternatives to take part in from swimming, rafting, boating, to skiing. Also, football, basketball, volleyball and jogging are a part of the vast array of sports and recreational activities you can enjoy.