Universities Preparation

University Preparation Programs is part of Metropol Educational Institution, the Turkey’s largest private education organisation, founded in 1995. We specialise in preparing students for university in the Turkey.

Our University Placement Team is skilled at making the whole university preparation and placement process as easy and effective as possible. We offer guaranteed pathways to undergraduate degrees where 90% of our students earn a place at their first choice university.

Our University Preparation students have previously gone on to study at all the top 10 ranked universities in the Turkey including Middle East Technical University, Bogazici University, Bilkent University, Ankara University, Hacettepe University.

Metropol YÖS Exam Preparation Courses

Metropol is an educational center which prepares foreign students for the YÖS exam (Foreign Students Exam). Metropol knows that success can be acquired with a high level education, and a high level education can be performed by well qualified and experienced teachers.

Metropol is the most successful educational center in YÖS preparation in  Turkey because of the organization and discipline in our courses. At our YÖS courses we have teachers that are well-known and experienced in their area of expertize. The teachers also help the students with any matters besides their lectures outside the classroom.

YÖS COURSE PROGRAMS OF METROPOL LINK: http://www.metropoldershaneleri.com/kurslarimiz/yos-kurslari

Metropol SAT 1 Exam Preparation Courses

The SAT 1 or SAT as it is commonly known is a required test for students who wish to apply for admission into a university in the United States and several Countries around the world, include Turkey.
The SAT is a multiple choice test comprising Writing, Math and Critical Reading sections. Each section is graded on a scale of 800, making the total possible score in a SAT test 2400.

The regular Metropol SAT preparation course is for all students who wish to take the SAT 1. We will cover all the aspects of the SAT 1 including test psychology, test format as well as answering questions accurately using our proven strategies. Different sections on the test will be examined and students can expect to learn strategies, techniques as well as receive lots of practice questions to strengthen their test preparation. Our strategies work. They have been proven by so many of our students worldwide.

SAT 1 COURSE PROGRAMS OF METROPOL: http://www.metropoldershaneleri.com/kurslarimiz/sat-kurslari

For detailed information call us at  +90 312 231 44 99 / +90 312 232 53 15 or send an email at info@studyinturkey.net.